Whether you are interested in linking your network between floors in the same building, or connecting disparate offices throughout the world, MCG can assist with a design to cost effectively stay connected.

Utilizing a group of partners with global access, we can handle data, voice, email, web, mobile, and direct requirements for your business. We can evaluate your bandwidth requirements relative to your voice/data needs and recommend a solution which will fit your budget and uptime needs. We can then propose a solution, including costs for bandwidth, equipment to connect your offices, security to protect your connections, and implementation and support.

Many of our existing customers are importers working closely with the Pacific Rim. In addition, many of our clients maintain multiple office locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area requiring Internet or direct links for sharing data, communicating email, and handling their distribution software. Some of these companies also have branch offices spread throughout the United States, also requiring access to the main office.

Given the downward costs associated with using the Internet as your communications highway, it is likely your business could benefit from a closer look at how your environment is taking advantage of this technology. Even if you only have a single location, there is potential to save money and increase your company’s ability to communicate with suppliers, customers, and traveling salespeople.

To conduct a review of your existing communications capabilities, please email kgoldberg@managedresources.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated voice and data services typically include several features that facilitate seamless communication and data connectivity. Firstly, they provide unified communication capabilities, allowing users to access voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools from a single platform. Secondly, they offer advanced call management features such as call forwarding, call recording, and voicemail integration. Thirdly, integrated services often include data networking features such as secure VPN connectivity, quality of service (QoS) settings, and network monitoring for reliable data transmission. Lastly, integration with cloud services enables access to cloud-based applications and storage, enhancing productivity and scalability.

Integrating speech and data supports remote workplaces and multiple locations. Extension dialing, call routing, and conferencing provide seamless communication between locations. Second, they enable site-wide configuration and control through centralized management and administration. Thirdly, integrated services use VoIP and VPNs to securely connect remote offices. Finally, they provide remote collaboration tools and cloud-based services.

Integrated voice and data services secure communications and data. First, they encrypt voice and data transmissions to prevent eavesdropping. Second, authentication and authorization techniques restrict service access to approved users. Thirdly, firewalls, intrusion detection, and other network security measures protect against external threats. Finally, regular security audits, updates, and patches correct weaknesses and strengthen security.

The cost of integrated voice and data services can vary depending on factors such as the specific provider, the scale of the implementation, and the required features. However, in general, integrated services can be more cost-effective compared to separate voice and data services. By combining both services into a single solution, businesses can eliminate the need for separate infrastructure, maintenance, and support costs, leading to potential cost savings in the long run.

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