Office 365 Sharepoint / One Drive

Microsoft’s Office 365 platform contains significant cloud hosted file storage options. With the correct licenses, users are able to synchronize local data on their computers to One Drive storage. This data is available on line from the platform and can be shared for collaboration across an organization or with customers/vendors who are invited. Access may be restricted as necessary to keep unauthorized users from making changes.

In addition, Sharepoint is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud hosted sharing platform. Organizations can set up public or private site where data can reside securely for access anytime / anywhere. This data can be made available via the Microsoft Teams app and also from your login. Given the challenges posed by Work From Home during COVID, this platform has exploded in use, freeing up organizations from depending on secure VPN access to their internal or external servers. Security is maintained by the Office 365 interface, using multi factor authentication.

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Datto Workplace

Datto Workplace provides enterprise-grade file sync and share to users without putting security and efficiency at risk. Workplace provides a seamless collaboration platform to clients for every file from every device.

Workplace users can securely collaborate on any device, leveraging integrations with core business tools such as Microsoft, G Suite, Active Directory, and Single Sign-On (SSO).  Workplace is HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2 compliant and includes data encryption. For further information click here.



When it comes to file access or collaboration, the size, security, and bandwidth considerations govern where the files are located – in the cloud, strictly on premises or a combination of both. With Egnyte you have the choice.

From a security perspective, all enterprise files can be segmented into three types.

  • GREEN corresponds to files that can be easily stored in the cloud and accessed from any device and from anywhere, enabling seamless collaboration within distributed teams..
  • YELLOW files are the ones that due to file size, Internet connectivity issues or the fact that several people work on the same files simultaneously require the primary access to be local with a copy in the cloud for remote access for sharing with business partners or cross-site replication.
  • RED files are extremely sensitive files that must stay behind the corporate firewall and cannot pass through the cloud. PHI data, ITAR compliance data, employee records are some examples of this sensitive file type.

Egnyte provides a unique file services platform that addresses all of the above scenarios in one solution, enabling you to get high performance and unlimited capacity.



Egnyte Cloud File Server provides secure online storage and collaboration, enabling users to easily access and share files from their computers, tablets, and smartphones without sacrificing compliance and control. The Cloud File Server not only provides the semantics of a centrally-managed file server but also enables seamless file sharing and sync across multiples devices and users.



Egnyte Storage Sync bi-directionally syncs your local storage systems with the cloud to offer users fast local access coupled with the easy sharing and mobile device access provided by the cloud. With Storage Sync, files can also be replicated across offices and across diverse storage systems for cross-office file sharing and data redundancy. Storage Sync becomes a must have for distributed teams that need to collaborate on large files, especially in areas of low bandwidth.



Egnyte Storage Connect provides mobile VPN-less access to files stored on any local storage, without files or file metadata passing through the cloud. That means secure point-to-point file access and sharing, while your data remains behind the firewall – free from privacy risks.

Enterprise Cloud Storage Solutions: Empowering Modern Businesses

In today’s digitally-driven landscape, efficient and secure data storage is a cornerstone of successful business operations. Enterprise cloud storage solutions have emerged as a game-changing resource, offering scalable and secure storage options while fostering seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Explore Cloud Storage Options

Cloud storage has revolutionized the way businesses store, access, and share data. With a plethora of cloud storage providers available, companies can choose from various options to suit their specific needs.

Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, for instance, provides robust cloud-hosted file storage options through OneDrive and SharePoint.


Why Enterprise Cloud Storage Matters

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, agility and accessibility are paramount. Below are some reasons enterprise cloud storage solution matters:

  • Agility and Accessibility – In the fast-paced modern business environment, the ability to swiftly adapt and access data is crucial. Enterprise cloud storage solutions provide the agility needed to respond promptly to business demands while ensuring easy and remote access to data. 
  • Comprehensive Solution – Cloud storage solutions offer a holistic approach to data challenges, encompassing storage, management, and collaboration needs. This eliminates the need for piecemeal solutions and creates a unified environment for all data-related activities. 
  • Breaking Physical Limitations – The era of being constrained by physical server limitations is over. Enterprise cloud storage liberates businesses from the confines of on-premises infrastructure, offering virtually limitless storage capacity that can be scaled up or down as needed. 
  • Global Reach – Cloud storage transcends geographical boundaries, allowing organizations to operate on a global scale without worrying about data accessibility or latency. This global reach is especially beneficial for businesses with remote teams, international branches, or clients spread across different regions. 
  • Security and Compliance – Modern cloud storage providers, such as Egnyte, prioritize data security. This includes features like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls, ensuring that sensitive information remains safeguarded and compliant with industry regulations.

OneDrive for Streamlined Data Synchronization

Microsoft’s OneDrive offers users the ability to synchronize local data on their computers with cloud storage. This synchronization ensures that data is accessible from the platform, enabling seamless collaboration across an organization.

With the right licenses, users can securely share files with colleagues, customers, or vendors, all while maintaining the flexibility of remote access.

SharePoint for Enhanced Collaboration

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a versatile enterprise cloud-hosted sharing platform that enables organizations to set up public or private sites for secure data storage. These sites act as centralized repositories, accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Especially in the era of remote work, SharePoint has gained prominence as a solution that facilitates collaboration through its integration with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications.

Egnyte: Elevate Your Cloud Storage Solutions

Among the leading players in the realm of cloud storage providers is Egnyte. With solutions like Egnyte Cloud File, Egnyte Connect, and Egnyte HybridCloud, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of file storage and sharing tools tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

Seamless Collaboration with Egnyte Cloud File

Egnyte Cloud File empowers businesses to collaborate effortlessly. It enables secure file storage and sharing, allowing teams to work on documents collaboratively while maintaining version control. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with distributed teams or remote work arrangements.


Empower Remote Work with Egnyte Connect

Egnyte Connect takes remote work to the next level. It provides a centralized hub for data storage, ensuring that employees can access critical files from any location. Its robust features ensure that data remains secure while enabling flexible access, thereby promoting a seamless remote work experience.

The Versatility of Egnyte HybridCloud

Egnyte HybridCloud strikes a balance between on-premises storage and cloud solutions. It offers the advantage of both worlds, allowing businesses to leverage the benefits of cloud storage while retaining control over their data on-site. This flexibility is particularly valuable for industries with stringent regulatory requirements or unique data management needs.

In a world driven by data, choosing the right enterprise cloud storage solution is crucial. From Microsoft’s Office 365 suite with OneDrive and SharePoint to the versatile offerings of Egnyte, businesses have a range of options to elevate their data storage, collaboration, and security.


Enhanced Data Security with Cloud Storage

Security remains a top concern for businesses when considering cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage providers understand these apprehensions and have responded with robust security features.

Cloud storage Egnyte, for instance, employs advanced security measures to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. With features like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls, businesses can entrust their sensitive data to the cloud without compromising security.


Seamless Collaboration in the Cloud

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful enterprises. Cloud storage solutions facilitate real-time collaboration, enabling team members to work on documents simultaneously, regardless of their physical location.

Files can be edited, reviewed, and shared in a secure environment, fostering productivity and innovation. Features such as version control and commenting further enhance collaboration, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.


Adapt to Changing Business Environments

The business landscape is constantly evolving, and flexibility is key to survival. Cloud storage solutions provide the scalability needed to adapt to changing business demands.

As your storage needs grow, cloud storage platforms like Egnyte can seamlessly accommodate increased data volumes. This eliminates the need for frequent hardware upgrades and investments, saving both time and resources.


Embrace the Future of Data Management with MCG Managed Resources

MCG Managed Resources brings a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to enterprise cloud storage solutions. With a deep understanding of platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Egnyte, we are well-equipped to guide your business toward efficient and secure cloud storage strategies.

MCG Managed Resources serves as a beacon of expertise in the realm of enterprise cloud storage solutions. With a profound understanding of the nuances of cloud storage providers like Egnyte, we are poised to guide your business toward a storage strategy that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

Unlock the potential of cloud storage and experience the benefits of scalability, security, and collaboration with MCG Managed Resources as your trusted partner. To get started, contact us at 212-244-898 today!

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