Archival of email has fast become a hot topic for both public and private companies. Sarbannes Oxley regulations have made it a legal requirement to save and catalog email along with all forms of written communication for up to seven years. The medical community and public government are faced with this requirement also. Private entities, although not legally bound, are seeing the need to retain this valuable information as well.

Even if the need is just to consolidate the storage of vast stores of emails, MCG has the solution. Utilizing the products available from C2C Systems, MCG represents the Archive One line of email archival and retrieval tools available for the Microsoft Exchange platform. Compliance© allows organizations required to monitor mail systems to easily retrieve information from archives based on user defined criteria and produce a report of all emails pertaining to the criteria. Policy© can manage the archival of individual mailboxes, reducing the actual store size of the Exchange database, still allowing retrieval by individual users as needed.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, the need to archive emails has taken center stage. Regulatory compliance, data retention requirements, and the demand for efficient information retrieval have led businesses of all sizes to seek robust email archive solutions.

MCG Managed Resources steps into this arena, offering a comprehensive suite of email archiving services that ensure compliance, streamline operations, and safeguard valuable information.

What is Email Archiving?

Emails are the lifeblood of modern communication, serving as a record of critical business interactions. Email archiving is the systematic process of storing and managing these electronic messages, ensuring their long-term accessibility, security, and compliance.

In a world where regulatory requirements and data retention mandates are becoming increasingly stringent, email archiving emerges as a pivotal solution for businesses aiming to preserve valuable communication history.

Unveil the Significance of Email Archiving

Emails are not merely electronic messages; they are a vital part of modern business operations. Regulatory bodies demand adherence to specific retention periods for email communications. Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, for instance, mandate the preservation and cataloging of emails and written communication for up to seven years.

This legal obligation extends to various sectors, including healthcare and public governance. Moreover, private enterprises recognize the intrinsic value of retaining such critical information.

The Power of Email Archive Solutions

MCG Managed Resources stands at the forefront of email archiving solutions, leveraging its partnership with C2C Systems to offer cutting-edge Archive One tools. Tailored for Microsoft Exchange platforms, these solutions address the complex challenges of archiving in the digital era.

Compliance©: Unlock Retrieval and Report Capabilities

For organizations mandated to monitor their email systems, Compliance© offers a seamless solution. This tool enables effortless retrieval of archived information based on user-defined criteria.

The result is a streamlined process that generates comprehensive reports containing all emails relevant to the specified criteria. Whether it’s regulatory audits, legal inquiries, or internal investigations, Compliance© provides the means to access critical data efficiently.

Policy©: Optimized Email Archiving

The magnitude of email storage can be overwhelming, especially for businesses with extensive communication archives.

MCG’s Policy© tool steps in to effectively manage the archival process. By overseeing individual mailbox archiving, Policy© minimizes the physical storage demands on the Exchange database. This approach not only enhances database performance but also ensures that individual users can retrieve necessary emails as required.

What are Email Archive Solutions’ Best Practices?

Implementing email archive solutions effectively requires following a set of best practices to ensure seamless operations and regulatory compliance:

  • Define Clear Retention Policies – Establishing well-defined retention policies is paramount. These policies dictate how long different types of emails should be stored, taking into consideration industry regulations and legal requirements. This practice ensures that your organization complies with data retention mandates, reducing the risk of legal repercussions.
  • Opt for Centralized Archives – Centralization ensures uniformity and accessibility. Storing archived emails in a single, centralized location simplifies management, search, and retrieval processes. This approach enhances efficiency and minimizes the risk of data fragmentation across various systems.
  • Regular Monitoring and Testing – Consistent monitoring and proactive testing of your email archive’s functionality are essential. Regular checks help identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the archive operates seamlessly over time. Monitoring also helps you track any unauthorized access attempts, enhancing security.

By adhering to these best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of your email archive solution while safeguarding the integrity of your organization’s communication history.

At MCG Managed Resources, we incorporate these practices into our email archiving solutions, providing you with a comprehensive and compliant approach to managing your electronic communication data.

Features to Look for in Email Archiving Solutions

Choosing the right email archiving solution requires a careful consideration of features that align with your business requirements:

  • Comprehensive Search Capabilities – A strong email archive should offer advanced search functions, allowing you to quickly locate archived emails based on keywords, dates, sender, or recipient. This feature streamlines the retrieval process, saving valuable time when searching for specific communication.
  • Diverse Email Formats and Attachments – An effective solution should support various email formats and attachments. This ensures that your entire communication history is preserved, regardless of the file types or formats used in the emails.
  • Scalability – As your organization grows, the volume of emails will increase. A scalable archiving solution can handle this growth seamlessly, ensuring that your archive remains accessible and efficient even as the email volume expands.
  • Tamper-Proof Security – Security is paramount when it comes to archived emails. Look for a solution that employs tamper-proof security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alterations, or deletions of archived emails.
  • Data Encryption – Encryption ensures that archived emails remain confidential and secure. Choose a solution that offers robust data encryption to protect sensitive information within archived communication.
  • User-Friendly Interface – An intuitive interface simplifies the process of accessing and retrieving archived emails. A user-friendly interface enhances the efficiency of your team when searching for specific communication.
  • Automated Archiving – Automation is a time-saving feature that automatically archives incoming and outgoing emails based on predefined rules. This reduces manual effort and ensures that no crucial communication is overlooked.
  • Flexible Storage Options – Different organizations have varied storage needs. A flexible archiving solution offers various storage options, including on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions, allowing you to choose what suits your business best.
  • Audit Trail and Reporting – A robust archiving solution should provide an audit trail and reporting capabilities. This feature allows you to track who accessed specific emails and when ensuring transparency and accountability.

At MCG Managed Resources, our email archiving solutions encompass these essential features and more. We understand that a comprehensive and compliant email archive is crucial for effective communication management, legal compliance, and business continuity.


Empower Your Business with MCG Managed Resources

MCG Managed Resources presents itself as more than just a service provider; it’s a strategic partner in your pursuit of efficient email archiving. Our cloud-based email archiving solutions offer long-term storage, disaster recovery capabilities, and exceptional security features.

Whether you’re dealing with regulatory compliance, optimizing storage, or safeguarding valuable communications, our email archiving tools are designed to meet your diverse needs.


Seize the Opportunity with MCG Managed Resources’ Email Archiving Solutions

In the digital age, the potential of email archive solutions extends beyond compliance; it’s about maximizing your business’s efficiency and security. MCG Managed Resources bridges the gap between regulatory obligations and operational excellence.

MCG Managed Resources understands the critical role email archiving plays in modern business operations. Our email archiving solutions encompass these best practices and feature essentials, providing your organization with an efficient, compliant, and secure way to manage its communication history.

Our email archive solutions offer a seamless blend of regulatory compliance, streamlined processes, and robust data security. Contact us today at 212-244-898
and embark on a journey toward efficient, compliant, and secure email archiving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email archiving solutions help maintain compliance by:

  • Preserving original copies of emails without tampering or alteration.
  • Maintaining proper access controls over archived data.
  • Aiding in eDiscovery processes during litigation or audits.
  • Providing audit trails for monitoring purposes.
  • Compliance and Security
  • Storage Capacity and Scalability
  • Search and Retrieval Capabilities
  • Integration and Compatibility

Yes, email archive solutions can often be customized to meet specific business needs. Many providers offer flexible configurations and settings that allow businesses to tailor the archive system to their unique requirements. Customization options may include data retention policies, access controls, search functionalities, integration with existing systems, and compliance features, ensuring that the solution aligns with the specific regulatory and operational demands of the business. By tailoring the email archive solution, organizations can enhance productivity, security, and compliance while effectively managing their email communications.

To make an informed decision when comparing email archive solution vendors, consider the following steps:

  • Identify your specific requirements
  • Research and shortlist vendors
  • Check customer reviews and references