Handling your current technology needs is a difficult task without adding the burden of a new software installation, a new hardware setup, or getting a website going. With this in mind, MCG can offer your organization experienced project managers to assist with temporary increases in technology project loads.

MCG managers with at least ten years implementing systems and controlling technology projects use our methodology and tools to easily integrate their effort into a project. This allows us to hit the ground running, immediately capable of estimating the time needed, the timeframe for an application or implementation, and the costs. Our varied backgrounds in many industries, including apparel, distribution, manufacturing, property management, accounting, and retail can be utilized to shoulder some of the burden of projects which have an end point and a set of specific goals.

Part of our management will be to ensure adequate training is completed with the existing IT or Information Technology staff, proper documentation of the project is handed over to management at the completion of the effort, and periodic meetings with senior management are conducted. In this manner, your organization will be capable of taking over support once the project is completed without requiring an extensive overlap with our managers.

Our team members of experts and professionals is available for short term (1-3 months) and longer term assignments (greater than 3 months). To inquire about our availability or to find out more about our methodologies, please email Ken Goldberg at kgberg@managedresources.com

Frequently Asked Questions

IT project management services have many benefits. First, they organize IT projects to manage goals, schedules, and budgets. Second, IT project management services identify and mitigate risks and handle unanticipated challenges during project implementation. Thirdly, these services improve project coordination by facilitating team, client, and vendor communication and collaboration. Finally, IT project management services provide projects on schedule, within scope, and within budget, ensuring client satisfaction and effective implementation.

IT project management benefits several parties. First, a systematic method ensures project completion and intended results for the IT project implementer. Second, clear roles and duties help project managers lead and mitigate risks. Thirdly, greater collaboration, communication, and project objectives boost team productivity and job satisfaction. Finally, IT project management services ensure that clients’ needs are understood, handled, and met, resulting in high-quality solutions.

IT projects can be managed internally. Internal IT project management provides full control and monitoring. It lets the company use its internal resources, skills, and business knowledge. To succeed, internal IT project management requires a professional project manager, sufficient resources, and a thorough understanding of project management methodology and best practices. It also requires project planning, coordination, risk management, and stakeholder communication.

Research results show that the five most important success criteria are: (1) the IT system works as expected and solves the problems, (2) satisfied users, (3) the IT system has high reliability, (4) the solution contributes to improved efficiency and competitive power, and (5) the IT system realizes strategic, tactical and operational objectives.

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