Bitmoji: Your Better Self

Bitmoji is a fairly new app we’re obsessed with, and we’re not the only ones. The app allows you to design a caricatured version of yourself, choosing everything from face shape to hairstyle and even your outfit. Then you can enable the bitmoji keyboard which places your avatar in a range of different poses and lets you text the cartoon images to your friends and family.

Jacob Blackstock, a 39-year-old cartoonist and animator from Canada, launched the app in October 2014. Since then, Bitmoji has raised over $11M in funding. Some feel the app’s appeal lies in it’s ability to offer a reductive version of ourselves; a way to present a goofier persona to the world. Shahan Panth, Bitmoji’s co-founder and vice president of marketing, agrees that the app is about emotion and expressing your emotions through the cartoon version of yourself.

With six new Bitmoji’s released each week, there is not shortage of things to say and emotions to share with your friends and family. Learn more about the theory behind Bitmoji here, and download the app today if you don’t already use it!

Masterclass: Classes from Experts

Over the past few years LA native and Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Rogier has been making his start-up idea, Masterclass, come alive.

The idea was to create a series of online courses taught by people who are the best in the world at what they do. This could mean acting lessons and advice from Dustin Hoffman, tennis techniques from Serena Williams, or singing tips from Christina Aguilera. With the help of his friend Becky Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman’s daughter, and business partner Aaron Rasmussen, David was able to officially launch the program in May of this year. Online classes are available for $90, ranging in length and topics, and already over 30,000 people have signed up. Some of the celebrity experts involved say it isn’t about the money, but the opportunity to share lessons from their respective careers.

Would you pay and partake in the Masterclass program? Learn more about how David turned his idea into a flourishing online education here.


Fing: The Ultimate Network Toolkit

Overlook Soft is bringing you a complete picture of the network you are in, from IP addresses to device vendors and even ISP locations.

The company felt their app would replace all other tools to ‘find’ and ‘ping’ devices, and so the term Fing was born; meaning both to find a device and verify what’s on it. Fing is currently available as an Android and iOS app, free of charge and ads. The app’s Smart Discovery will detect your network type and then identify your devices and their details. Once identified a deeper analysis can be performed to recognize the services it provides. This means you can analyze the presence, latency and delays to fine-tune your network or resolve any connection issues.

To learn more about how you can download and configure the app for your network and devices, visit here.